CBSE Class 12 Biology Additional Practice Questions PDF Download| CBSE Term 2 Bio Board Exam 2022

CBSE Class 12 Biology Additional Practice Questions PDF Download| CBSE Term 2 Bio Board Exam 2022

Check and download the PDF copy of the additional sample paper for Biology released recently by the CBSE Board for the practice of students of Class 12th Term 2 exams 2022. 

CBSE Class 12th Term 2 Bio exam would be conducted on May 30, 2022. The students of the CBSE Board are in their last lap of preparation now that their exams are within a month. CBSE has released additional practice questions in form of sample papers for the students to prepare well. Check the Bio question paper for CBSE Class 12th Term 2 below.  Also, download the PDF copy of the complete additional sample paper or question paper of Bio below. 

CSBE Class 12 Term 2: Additional Biology Question Paper

Q1. Malaria, caused by Plasmodium is often characterised by a high fever recurring every three to four days. Explain why this happens. 

Q2. Rural energy shortage has been largely mitigated by biogas plants.

(a) What is the primary flammable gas present in biogas?

(b) Why is cattle dung used to produce biogas? 

Q3. Nicotine stimulates the adrenal gland and increases blood pressure and heart rate.

(a) Despite higher heart rate leading to faster pumping of the blood, why would a smoker show oxygen deficiency in the body?

(b) Why does a chronic smoker experience withdrawal symptoms if he abruptly discontinues smoking? 

Q4. For an individual ‘X’ with a history of lung cancer in the parents, doctors advised certain genetic testing processes that help in detecting the inheritance of mutations.

(a) Malignant tumours spread rapidly and avoid detection. α-interferon is a biological response modifier and can target specific disease-causing mechanisms. How does α-interferon help in the treatment of malignant tumours?

(b) For cancer caused by the inheritance of genetic mutations, how will the malignancy spread internally?  

Q5. Eicchornia crassipes (commonly known as water hyacinth) is an aquatic plant, native to the Amazon basin. It was introduced to the water bodies of India and other SouthEast Asian countries for industrial use of its fibres in making bags and footwear, as a substrate for biogas production and for its ability to uptake heavy metals from the water bodies. However, Eicchornia has been named the ‘terror of Bengal’ due to its prolific, invasive growth.

(a) How does the growth of water hyacinth affect the growth of other native species?

(b) There are a host of algae and fungi that form lichens in freshwater lakes. What would be the fate of freshwater snails that feed on such lichens if the algae and fungi are destroyed by the growth of water hyacinth? Mention the scientific term used to denote such threats to biodiversity

CBSE Class 12 Biology (Term 2): Set Of 2 Marks Questions- Important! Practice For CBSE Term 2 Biology Exam 2022

CBSE Term 2 Biology: Additional Information For Students:

For class 12th CBSE Term 2 Biology, students should prepare all the diagrams, especially in the NCERT books for their exam. There should be no compromise in drawing diagrams with a question where there is a requirement. Remember, every time you draw a diagram in support of your answer, you can get full marks on that question. So, students should not take any risks in science subjects. The paper is typically full of short questions and even the long answers can be written in not more than 200 words. 

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